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After the diagnosis comes the prescription

Outlining the editorial shift on this blog

Necessary, but detested. Treasured, but unwieldy. Declared dead, but more used than ever. Email is a source of conflict and paradox, but as far as web platforms go it’s the simplest one around.

So far on this space we’ve attempted to trace the rougher edges of a service that seems to mirror our lives, in their tangled and frayed ends. After covering in detail the areas in which email seems to underperform, we’ve established that some faults lie with us, and others in the lacking functionalities of email.

Aspects such as time management, composition criteria or proper file naming can be solved with a modicum of effort on our part, and result in clear efficiency gains. The rest, however, seems to demand another kind of approach entirely – if the burden of solving email’s problems lies on the users, that is a problem in itself.

As such, we propose that integration is the key for bringing email into the 21st century. There are a multitude of applications that, when linked with email content, can do the heavy lifting when it comes to processing the various natures of data in our inboxes.

This solution emerges almost organically from a landscape of independent app developers, all fine-combing their one designated area of action. It is impossible to find a single email client capable of matching the functionalities of the entire cosmos of applications on your operating system – why even try?

Thus, the play unfolding on this blog enters a new act. Rather than merely focusing on the problems concerning email, we shall put our money where our fingertips are – and delve into possible solutions that bring email and ancilliary applications together – all for the benefit of the user.

Stand by for our next update which, we promise, will be more matter and less meta.